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What Do Brands Look For In Influencers?

Do you want to attract more brands? TBP has put together a list of things that attracts brands to influencers, and, you will quickly learn that it is rarely down to the number of followers you have!

Average engagement rates

The number of followers you have is not the biggest concern for companies when they work with influencers. Why? Because there are loads of different ways that you can get fake followers with all interests. When buying or sourcing fake followers, your follower count will go up incredibly fast, almost at an unreasonable rate.

Rather than focusing on this, brands will look at an influencers engagement rate. How many of your followers interact with your posts? This includes liking, commenting and sharing them. Another thing they look for is when checking engagement is whether the comments are to a higher standard and contribute to the discussion happening in the post. Encounters like these are much more valuable than having a huge number of non-existent followers.

Follower demographics

Choosing influencers with followers in the right niche is definitely something that brands look out for as they want to reach the right demographic. For example if your brand was to do a campaign on feminine hygiene products, it wouldn't make sense for that company to reach out to men as they have no need for the products.

It is also important for the influencer to know their audience also, meaning that you shouldn;t work with brands that aren't suitable for your followers. The best and most successful brand and influencer relationships are those who already use products from the company, or similar products regularly.

Consistent branding

How you show yourself on social media says alot about your brand and can affect the number of brands wanting to include you in campaigns or sponsoring you. Businesses look out for influencers that have built a brand for themselves with regular image types, themes and use of hashtags. This will also give brands an idea of what a piece of content from you might look like if they take you on board for a campaign.

Professionalism and reliability

Brands are constantly looking for long-term partnerships so they will want to find influencers that are easy to work with and understand the company's needs. In order to attract companies to you, you must be professional in your communication, complete your side of the agreement and respond quickly to brands when they need you. It is common for a brand to find the perfect influencer however will refuse to work with them due to a lack of professionalism.

Previous partnerships

If you have brands already working with you, it'll show other brands that you are an ideal influencer to work with. They will often look at the types of brands you have worked with previously so they can get an idea as to what niche you are in. As you grow as an influencer and gain more experience, you should build a portfolio of brands you have worked with so the companies can easily see the type of company they will keep if they work with you.

Hopefully now you are aware of the main things brands are looking for so you can take a step back and forget about the big number - followers. As discussed in this post, we know that followers are the least of most brands worries.


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