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TikTok Launches Made for TikTok 2.0 Series

Exciting news for brands, marketers and agencies that benefit from the exciting world of TikTok marketing - the TikTok-made ad industry show is back for a second series with more helpful insights, tips and advice on getting the most from the platform.

The release of the first and second series highlights TikTok’s commitment to supporting brands on the platform and ensuring a high quality of content across the board.

Below we explore the successes of the first series and what to expect in the second series.

What is Made for TikTok?

The first series of Made for TikTok was unveiled at TikTok World in 2021. This series was led by film director and creator David Ma and focused on offering brands and agencies some helpful insight into how to create branded content that truly engages and resonates with their audience on the platform.

Made for TikTok took the format of a ‘workout program for brands’, with videos covering topics ranging from how to create quality content and tap into communities to how to use viewer comments and co-create videos with others.

This approach proved popular and has helped TikTok to improve branded content across the platform.

What Does Series 2 Cover?

Series 2.0 of Made for TikTok takes a slightly different approach. Rather than the usual videos and helpful tips of the first series, series two takes the format of a late-night talk show, with a range of unique, knowledgeable guest creators who all work with brands professionally.

Hosted by ad agency copywriter and TikTok comedian Shannon Fiedler, guests include:

  • Oliver McAteer - Head of Development at Mischief USA

  • Eric Sedeño - Art Director, graphic designer, and TikTok creator with over 750k followers

  • Sophie Jamison - TikTok creator with 2.1 million followers

Each guest gives insight into their own area of expertise. The short informative series also includes direct tips from the host on how best to make content that looks natural and is highly engaging on the platform.

Made for TikTok 2.0: Summary

We can see that TikTok is taking branded content seriously. They know that when brands put out high-quality content it will attract more users and encourage them to spend more time on the platform - offering TikTok the opportunity to cash in on the attention. They also know that when they attract brands to the platform, they earn another potential advertiser, further increasing potential profits.

The Made for TikTok series is highly informative, fun and short. This makes it a must-watch for both brand and agency marketers. The series will continue to help bring more businesses onto the platform and educate them on how to benefit from an already highly engaged audience.

Most excitingly, it looks like we will be getting more from Made for TikTok soon, as in the words of the company itself:

Stay tuned for more episodes of Made for TikTok coming soon!

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