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  • James Watts

TikTok Introduce TikTok Pulse: Bringing Brands Closer to Communities

We are going to go ahead and say it - most brands should be on TikTok.

Just take a moment to study the statistics and you will see just why so many marketers are flooding to the platform in order to boost their advertising and marketing results. In fact, with over 1 billion monthly active users and an average content engagement rate ranging from 3% to 9%, it is surprising that more brands aren’t already active on TikTok.

Eager to boost revenue, TikTok has announced a new advertising tool - TikTok Pulse. In this article, we will explore how this new tool works, how it will benefit brands and an interesting twist that will make it different and potentially much better than advertising models on other platforms.

What is TikTok Pulse?

When TikTok first launched it didn't have any dedicated way for brands to advertise on the platform. Instead, they focused on growing the platform with engaged users and content creators.

By successfully doing this, TikTok created a platform that was valuable to brands both in terms of organic growth, but also with huge potential for reach and engagement through advertisements - which soon became an established option on the platform.

TikTok has now launched TikTok Pulse which offers brands a smart way to deliver paid content to TikTok users.

Unlike typical social media ads which are often dropped into users' feeds based on frequency, TikTok Pulse instead delivers paid branded content at the heart of their communities by showing ads alongside the leading and most popular content in that specific niche.

What is TikTok Pulses Purpose?

This new approach to advertising on TikTok is perfect for those looking to grow their brand on the platform.


Because even if you ignore the statistics, it is clear that TikTok has managed to accomplish something that other social media platforms haven't been able to do so well - being a centralised hub where trends are created, conversations are started and communities are grown.

So, by allowing brands to strategically place their content next to other relevant, high-performing content on the platform they also offer them a chance to become part of the conversations and trends that surround their communities.

Benefits of TikTok Pulse

The benefits of TikTok pulse are clear and have the potential to help brands rapidly grow their presence on the platform.

Boost Brand Exposure

Probably the most obvious benefit of TikTok Pulse is the fact that it helps brands position themselves in the right place at the right time - massively increasing brand exposure. This is achieved by placing branded content amongst the top performing 4% of videos on TikTok.

Drive Engagement and Actions

TikTok Pulse offers brands 12 unique categories to choose from when selecting the type of content they want to be seen next to. This means brands can increase the relevancy of their advertising by appearing in front of the communities that matter most to them.

Secure Brand Image

Brands that advertise on social media platforms are always aware of the potential risks involved with appearing next to inappropriate or irrelevant content. TikTok Pulse helps remove this risk by applying:

“Our proprietary inventory filter ensures that TikTok Pulse ads are running adjacent to verified content with our highest level of brand suitability applied on the platform”

Revenue Share

One of the most exciting aspects of the TikTok Pulse tool is the fact that the platform has announced that it will be trialling a revenue share scheme with the content creators, public figures and media publishers that help them drive engagement for paid ads.

This will initially be trialled with creators with 100k+ followers. This could revolutionise social advertising on the platform by incentivising content creators to produce higher quality content, which in turn will benefit brands.

TikTok Pulse: Summary

TikTok Pulse is a smart way for brands to advertise on the platform. Unlike other platforms which deliver content based purely on user statistics, TikTok Pulse will help brands to appear alongside the content that already matters and is engaging their audience.

The potential for revenue share with content creators could also see the platform rocket ahead of other social media advertising options.

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