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The Rise of Nano-Influencers In 2023

Nano influencers are typically classified as content creators with anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 followers. However, defining nano influencers by their follower count goes against what they really stand for.

Nano influencers can be identified as regular people with a natural aptitude for influence. The group is classified by having a particular skill, voice or expertise in a specific niche, within which they can drive their audience to action and carry a lot of power in their words.

The Benefits of Nano Influencers

Because nano influencers have smaller audiences, their content can be hyper-targeted and deeply connected to their followers.

Whilst you may think using smaller influencers won’t achieve effective results, think again! Nano influencers typically outperform the average engagement rates of more prominent influencers, and with their posts aligned with lower-funnel marketing metrics, they hold power as customer advocates.

Another reason people may choose to work with nano influencers is that they generally offer fantastic content at a considerably lower cost.

The Rise In Nano Influencers

More recently, marketers have been turning to nano-influencers who are more specialised and thus more trusted individuals who hold the skill of being able to influence their following.

Everyone on Instagram who is racking up likes and comments and has great content has the perfect recipe for becoming a nano influencer. As this term gets discussed more and more over time, these people are taking a chance at the opportunity.

So if you see your friend who has been becoming increasingly popular on Instagram posting about oat milk or a unique face cream, you know why.

A report by MarketingWeek states that “76% of respondents say they have worked with nano influencers in the past year”. Their report also mentions that “Among the respondents who are not yet working with nano influencers, 43% said “yes”, they would expect to in the next 12 months. A further 35% felt they would be ready to incorporate nano influencers into their influencer marketing plans in a year.”

When it comes to brands working with influencers, they’ve shown that the quality of the content is paramount to them and a successful influencer campaign, as this ensures that their brand is represented correctly across all channels. MarketingWeek’s report states, “​​Quality of content is the most important attribute for brands when identifying the best nano influencers to work with, voted for by 68% of respondents.”

So there you have it; if you’re looking to use high-quality UGC for your brand, work with specific niched audiences, and are on a budget, nano influencers may be the answer!

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