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How To Write A Powerful Influencer Brief

The Blogger Programme believes that an influencer brief is a key component of any influencer marketing campaign, as it's how you communicate your brand's key messages, concepts and requirements to the influencers you're working with. Influencers will use this as their complete guide to creating their content, so make sure you've read through our must-have tips on how to make your influencer brief as powerful as it can be.

Be Clear On Your Objectives

Every influencer campaign you run will have different objectives, from driving traffic and sales to increasing brand awareness. It's important you make the influencers aware of what their content needs to achieve, as this will impact their tone of voice and delivery of content.

Make Your Necessities Known

Your campaign will have requirements that influencers must adhere to, such as hashtags, handles and tracking links, there might even be a competitor clause. Make sure this is clear and concise, so influencers don't miss the important dos and dont's of the campaign.

Give Your Campaign Context

Here at TBP, we always make sure that every campaign we work on has a strong creative concept behind it, whatever brand we're working with. Product placement campaigns simply aren't enough to entice an audience anymore, so make sure your campaign has context and this is communicated to influencers within your brief. If you're campaign is topical and taps into a trending discussion, your audience will interact with the content more organically.

Leave The Creative To Influencers

By the time it comes to writing your influencer brief, you've already chosen the influencers you want to work with because they are a perfect fit for your brand. If you try to control their content too much, you will lose their uniqueness and what made them right for your campaign in the first place, so trust the influencers to do their part and interpret the brief in their own way. The best part of the campaign is seeing how each influencer has approached the brief differently and leaves you with a more varied scope of content for you to re-use.

If you are a brand looking to work with influencers and implement influencer marketing in your next strategy, then get in touch today by emailing: or alternatively sign up for a 7-day free trial.


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