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5 TikTok creators to look out for in 2022

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Since its release in 2016, TikTok has moved seamlessly from a teen-focused platform to one of the most popular social media apps for any age and background. This growth has largely been down to the creative nature of content creators on the platform and the spare time many of us were afforded throughout lockdown.

As we move into the ‘new normal’ of 2022, there are many TikTok creators who are worth keeping an eye on. In this article, we give you the low down of 5 creators to follow in 2022. We also tell you exactly why you should be watching their accounts closely as we move into an exciting new year.

So read on and you might just find your next favourite Tiktok creator below...

If you are already active on Tiktok then you may well have heard of Zak King, or at least seen some of his hyper-creative content popping up on your feed. His content is the perfect mix of optical illusions and comedy, which will have you laughing and gasping in equal measures.

But with 66.3M followers already, why do we suggest following Zach in 2022?

Well, with the majority of us having had an uncertain and stressful last couple of years, we think adding a little additional fun and laughter to your world will never go a miss as we tackle a new year.

2021 saw world leaders gathering in Glasgow, Scotland to discuss the future of our planet and what we should be doing to promote a more environmentally friendly way of living. Although COP26 primarily focused on the actions of governments and big businesses, the message was clear - we all need to do more to help save the world we live in.

In 2022, we are likely to see a continuing trend for the general population becoming more aware of their day-to-day actions and the impact they have on the environment, as well as seeking out ways to live more eco-positively.

This is where Earthtopia comes in.

This account has a huge following of eco-conscious individuals who enjoy and engage in their regular posts. Expect to find content covering everything from helpful tips, tricks and hacks to regular ‘goods news’ updates.

Give this account a follow if you want to avoid the gloom and doom of the climate crisis and instead focus on a positive and well-considered outlook on everything environmentally related.

Dog person? We have you covered. You will LOVE Sammy the golden retriever on TikTok.

If the seemingly constant bad news of the past few years has you looking for a little light-hearted relief, then giving Sammy a follow is well worth it. This good boy will brighten up your feed with his seamlessly edited and perfectly timed videos - they are guaranteed to make you smile.

One of the small benefits of the various lockdowns we have faced in the past two years is the time it gave us to invest in things we may otherwise have neglected such as cooking delicious and nutritious meals for ourselves and our loved ones.

If you have become a cooking king or queen, then @thegrubworkskitchen is well worth a follow. He regularly posts mouthwatering recipes, many of which are super quick and super easy to make. Give him a follow for recipe ideas or simply for some cooking inspiration.

Yes, we have two comedy accounts on our list of Tiktokers to look out for in 2022. Why? Because right now, we need laughter more than ever.

Abi Clarke’s account will provide you with laugh after laugh. Her sketches are often based on weird realities such as bizarre fashion hacks and modern culture, so they are totally #relatable.

Tiktok: The Ones to Watch

In this article, we have delivered 5 of the best accounts to follow in 2021. From accounts for environmentally friendly living to super cute dogs and comedy genius, you might just have found your next favourite Tiktok creator.

So, check them out and give them a follow to keep your TikTok feed fresh this new year.

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